New Photobooks!

Introducing a brand new product: Canvas Cover Photobooks! Just last week I was extolling the virtues of having your photos in some physical manner and this week I get to show off yet another beautiful and elegant way to do so. With these photobooks the story of your wedding will told in a classic form, a storybook.


These photobooks are perfect for parents and friends or as a low profile alternative to deluxe leather albums. This is an example of an 11" by 14" photobook covered in a lush canvas wrap of the bride and groom and delivered in a silver gift box. 


The hinged pages allow them to lay flat and images to span both sides. The pages are photographic prints to allow for edge to edge printing.

Wedding Invitations

The digital age has made viewing and sharing photos easier than ever before. In mere seconds, you can share a priceless image from across the globe. It is amazing if you just think about it for a minute. And as fantastic as it is, our computer monitors cannot rival a physical, tactile experience. There is nothing quite like holding something in your hand and taking in am image. It engages more of your senses, more of your being.

A fantastic way to personalize your wedding invitations is by adding your photos.  Without even reading a word, the recipients will know who it is from and the personalized touch will go far in making your wedding your own.

In case you were wondering, these are my wedding invitations and yes, I am extremely lucky.