Christine + Tyler // Wedding

First of all, I want to thank Timothy Bearden for allowing me the opportunity to be the second shooter at this wedding and want to thank Christine and Tyler for being absolutely great and I wish them only the best. Christine is Vietnamese and held the tea ceremony in the morning, I was there for just the traditional ceremony.

We arrived at the hotel in time to see the bride and groom getting ready. After meeting the Christine, I headed over to Tyler's room and spent some time with the boys. They were busy watching the NCAA tournament and generally just lounging about. Very relaxed.

The wedding to place in Costa Mesa entirely on a boat. The ceremony was on the main deck the the reception took place on the top deck. There were no walls per se, just glass all the way around. The ceremony ended just before sunset which allowed us to get some exceptional shots.

The Guests Arrive:

The nervous groom:


Timothy gave me a chance with Christine and Tyler and I'm exceedingly happy with the results:

And then the party started!


It was a long day, but it was great fun. I was tired and I'm still sore two days later, but it was a fantastic experience. I still have tons to learn and I'm looking forward to it.