New Photobooks!

Introducing a brand new product: Canvas Cover Photobooks! Just last week I was extolling the virtues of having your photos in some physical manner and this week I get to show off yet another beautiful and elegant way to do so. With these photobooks the story of your wedding will told in a classic form, a storybook.


These photobooks are perfect for parents and friends or as a low profile alternative to deluxe leather albums. This is an example of an 11" by 14" photobook covered in a lush canvas wrap of the bride and groom and delivered in a silver gift box. 


The hinged pages allow them to lay flat and images to span both sides. The pages are photographic prints to allow for edge to edge printing.

Joshua // Senior - The Album

A lot of work goes into photography after the actual pictures have been taken. A lot of it can be dull and monotonous, but creating the album is none of those things. The album allows me to tell a story and even stories within a story. I tend to keep my layouts simple and let the photos take center stage. Here is an example of what you get with an Alex Singh Photo designed album.