Joshua // Senior - The Album

A lot of work goes into photography after the actual pictures have been taken. A lot of it can be dull and monotonous, but creating the album is none of those things. The album allows me to tell a story and even stories within a story. I tend to keep my layouts simple and let the photos take center stage. Here is an example of what you get with an Alex Singh Photo designed album.



Joshua // Senior

Graduation season is coming up and wouldn't you know, none other than my baby brother is wrapping up high school in just a few weeks.  I know my brother well enough to know that he would want something just a little atypical.

We headed downtown with family in tow and garnered more than a few stares. You will see why in just a bit.

My brother is a strange little boy (I can say that because he's my brother). You see, he has an alter ego: Puper Man. And the transformation begins.

Amongst Puper Man's many mundande epic powers are extreme politeness and parallel parking. I couldn't make this up if I wanted to.

As an added bonus, today is his 18th birthday. So congratulations Josh and happy birthday! Best of luck to you.