East Hills Web Redesign

Over the next few weeks I will be working on the redesign of my church website mostly with photographic assets. These were taken over Labor Day weekend and attendance was a bit low so I focused on the stage.This will be a long term and I'm excited because it's not something I normally do.

Think of the Children

This past week I has the absolute privilege of providing photographic assistance at East Hills Community Church. Every Summer, Vacation Bible School is held for elementary school students for 5 days. I was responsible for spotlighting a different group of children every day and playing a slideshow at the end of the night. As much fun as the children seemed to be having, I assure you I was having more. They were incredibly high spirited and an absolute pleasure to be around. Here's just some of the memories I was able to capture for everyone to see.

The theme was the high seas and they did an incredible job building this set.

There was a ventriloquist act every day to start the events.

Lots and lots of song and dance.

The pastor was a great sport and dressed up every day to tell stories.

Fun and games.

The song was the 'theme song' of the week.